Bali Classic Centre (BCC) – Bali Mini has a special venue to handling for Balinese Handicraft Painting, Balinese Orchestra Practice and Balinese Dancing Practice.

This Balinese workshop activities will complete your time at BCC, because after you made a painting you could take home your workshop activities as a souvenier.

We will offer you an workshop activities as follows:

  1. Egg Painting (Melukis Telur)
  1. Batik Canvas

  1. Boomerang Painting (Melukis Bumerang)

  1. Mask Painting (Melukis Topeng)

  1. Rainstick Painting (Melukis Bambu Berbunyi)

  1. Beading Wallet (Mute Dompet)

  1. Gamelan Practise (Belajar Gamelan)

  1. Dance Practise (Belajar Menari)

and another workshop activities depend on the client request.

Workshop include tea time :

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Ice Coffee
  4. Ice Tea
  5. Balinese snack 2 items