The words of “Canang” has a meaning that is offering material for praying to the God. The Hinduism people make it when they have odalan (A Dewa Yadnya Ceremony) and it’s also used for daily offering. There are kind parts of canang and the main materials of it made of young coconut leaves. Flowers and other kind materials include inside. The style of canang is different with canang sari etc.


Coconut oil is usually done by the villagers because there are large areas for coconut plantation. Coconut not only produces high quality oil only but also produce residue for cattle woof. Material to be: Good old coconuts, Wooden grater, Container (usually made of soil) (pane), Large Pan, Frying-pan spoon and Coconut shell

The process:

First step the coconut are pealed (the coconut ask made separately with coconut shell).

Second step the coconut meats are grated used the iron grated or torn of palm tree.

Third step the grated coconut is mixed with water and then press and pressed until the coconut milk out and separated from the coconut waste used the strainer, and all did onto a container bowl (pane).

Fourth step the water mixed coconut oil is heated in a rice steamer and it must be stirred continuously until the residue become floating on top then refines it.

Fifth step stop the heated processes then we continue refine the residue until the oil itself rise up.

Sixth step the oil is remove and pouring in the frying pan then heated slowly, while the water is become levitation and only the oil itself is left. Finally, the oil in the frying pan will become coconut oil.

The coconut oil commonly it used to frying fish, meat or cake, etc. and also is effectively to neutralize the poison.


Balinese traditional way of lives of rice pounded (making rice) is almost done by originally Balinese people in the pass years before. But since the technology is getting develop and mostly people need life more efficient this type of activities around the village is almost disappear, therefore Bali Classic Centre (Bali Mini) effort to protected and uninterrupted in the demonstration formulations.

The several materials are needs to help this process, i.e.:

The round stone bowl (three different sizes)

Wood pounder

Round Tray is made from bamboo material.

The Hint of Processed:

First of all the dry rice bunch will be deep into the stone, bowl, and then two persons will hit the bunch of rice used the wooden rice pounder. This session is processed from rice bunch make becomes the seed of rice. After ward the sieved process is done. All the rubbish is taken out, it just only rice seed is left.

The seed of rice again put it into the other stone bowl. In this session the processed called “pealed the rice” is make separately between rice and skin of rice. Again the sieved process is done. But some skins of rice still cling to the rice itself.

The next step proceed is to make separately between rice itself and skin rice powder.

The last proceed first sleeved processed the skin rice powder will be blowing out, and it just only the white rice is left.

Then the white rice put into the basket and the skin rice powder is able to feeding the cow, duck, chicken or pigs.


The ogoh-ogoh it made once year. It made reflections of arts that is developed in Bali. And this is also give a meaning of Hinduism Rites procession especially links to the Rits of exorcism. In Bali the ogoh-ogoh has meaning and symbolism of Demons, and it made one month before lunar of Balinese Calender. The ogoh-ogoh will be take and ongoing around the village in the evening of Balinese new year eve. This procession have meaning to allow/neutralized the power of evil become a positive elements of power to provide positive aura to entire entities and nature.

The material are needs to make ogoh-ogoh:
1. Woods, bamboo, iron
2. Cloths, pepper and colorful paper, glue and yarns

The hints to proceed:

The ogoh-ogoh sketch form it made from the woods, bamboo and iron, after it build then it cover and band with bamboo and iron cord. And it build it depend on figures that the people wants.

The next step is making the colorful paper carve for entire accessories that requires.

After all materials are needs is being complete, the next step is process covering and glued between ogoh-ogoh sketch form and the paper, cloths and accessories material.

Than the last process is to install the head face of figures itself.


Wayang Kulit the shadow theatre of Bali, is one of the longest running theatrical spectacles the world has known. For centuries it has survived changed in politics, ideology and fashion continually renewing itself and providing the Balinese with a unique vision of the world and of them self.

The Wayang Lemah “Wayang Noon Performance” is almost the same meaning and the purposed. The instead of screen and flame for making the shadow, wayang lemah it used tri color of yarn (white, red and black) it is a concept that holds that God has three aspects, which are only different forms of the same one God. The three aspects of God, or “Parbrahman” or God’s person are as Brahma (the Source/Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver/Indwelling-life) and Shiva (the Transformer-Destroyer/Creator).

Wayang Lemah is sacrified performance. A performance is usually a kind of offering that marks the completion of a ceremony. The occasion could be a wedding, a process cleansing the spirit dirt after the temple is being done, or any other major event in the life of the individual or community. After the wayang has been performed, the holy water will spread out to human body or to building or temple that has finish renovated or new build. The purposed is to cleansing or eliminated the entire negative element that is left on human mind or in building itself. After procession is being completed is meaning the temple or building able to held the next yadnya (gods rites procession or ancestor rite procession).

The elements of the performance are simplicity itself; a while screen, a flame, music and flat puppets that move and tell a story. Balinese audiences delight in seeing their favorite’s characters in familiar predicaments. There is the braggart caught in his own lies, the old fool who isn’t so foolish, the invincible hero who needs to be rescued, the gods needing help from humans, and of course the beautiful princess abducted, rescued and stolen back again.

The shadow puppets are made of rawhide, carved and perforated to create lacy patterns of light and dark. The puppets and screen are flat, but when all elements of the performance are in place flickering firelight, gamelan music, voice and movement they take out an unearthly dimension.


Brayut means on old take that describes a mother who had 118 children. She was very firm and glorious in educating her children though her husband was workless. In her life she never complaint or get angry in working for her family life, so when she was died a goddess welcomed her to heaven.